2017 PDS National Conference

Why PDS?

The PDS National Conference


Attending the PDS National Conferences allows for an opportunity to strengthen P-12/University partnerships through the shared responsibilities, shared rewards, and shared concerns.  Embrace this opportunity to achieve unparalleled success by working collaboratively to lead, innovate, and enhance teaching and learning.

Don't take our word for it! Hear from past conference attendees why they have continued to attend the PDS National Conference and how it has benefited them professionally.

In the following videos, hear from past attendees we asked past attendees:

  • How has the PDS Conference benefited your partnership?
  • How has the PDS Conference benefited your students?​

​"As always, this is a quality conference to attend! I have made numerous professional contacts. The enormous variety! I very much appreciated the endless choices I could make in the workshops!"

"I loved being able to discuss pertinent issues with my colleagues from around the country. Sharing ideas is such a valuable experience and we almost never get to do it."